Dulwich Artists Open House 2017
The Sculpture Garden, Odney Club, Cookham, Berkshire. 2017

'Metalic', Burghley Sculpture Garden, Lincolnshire. Summer 2016

Stone Lane Gardens, Chagford, Devon 2015

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2015
Henley Festival 2015
'The Great British Sculpture Show' at Hatfield House. Summer 2014.

'The New Georgians' at Orleans House, Twickenham.
'Winter Show' at Jagged Art, London, December 2013
Christmas at Campden Gallery 2013
Golden Calf at Jagged Art 2013
Marylebone, London
'Voyage North' at the Eagle Gallery, London. December 2012.
'A Change of Seasons' and 'Gold, Silver, Bronze' at Jagged Art, London 2012
Campden Gallery 2011
Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire.
Messums The Studio at Lord's Wood, Marlow. 2011
Opening Exhibition The Marle Gallery, 2011
Axminster, Devon

5th Show, Big, Small & Casual, Long Island City, New York 2010
Campden Gallery 2009
Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire

'Beast' Jagged Art 2009
Marylebone, London

'The Dog Show' Dollar Street Gallery, Cirencester, Gloucestershire 2009
'Dog Show' 2009 at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, Bankside, London
'Art et Jardin' 2007
Langham Fine Art, Suffolk
Jagged Art 'The Far Horizon' 2007, London
Campden Gallery 2007, Chipping Campden
Csaky Art, 2004, 2005 and 2006
Cork St, London
Finch & Co., Olympia Fine Art & Antiques Fair, London 2004
'Zodiac' 2003
Csaky Art, Arndean Gallery, Cork Street, London

'Menagerie' Csaky Art, 2002
Arndaen Gallery, Cork Street, London

'Millenium', Harbour Point 2002
Rye Harbour, East Sussex

Gallery Duncan Terrace, London, six shows 1996 - 1999
Degree Show, Central St Martin's, London 1996
Window's Gallery, St Martin's Lane, London 1992
work also available through Artsia
and through Who's Who is Sculpture at Art Parks


Black version of White Gazelle at the Sculpture Garden, Odney Club Gardens in Odney near Cookham. Also showing Sitting Boar and Black Sow. June 2017